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Helping Apprenticeship Programs Solve Risks and Identify Hidden Opportunities.

At Germaine Law Firm (GLF), we are committed to helping you with your apprenticeship program.  But how do we do that, you ask?  Read the following metaphor.  We hope it will resonate with you.

Imagine that you are walking down a long beautiful road leading to the recruitment of top-level applicants to give you the competitive advantage you need in your industry. As your firm, GLF will be walking that path with you, helping you spot risks and hidden opportunities in your apprenticeship program you wouldn’t otherwise see on your own.

Risks: The Tiger in the Grass 
Because you are so focused on the path, it is difficult for you to see the potential threats that may be lurking all around you.  What’s beside you in the grass could very well be a tiger ready to attack, a metaphor for enormous risk that could ruin or severely damage your program.  You may not see the tiger until it is too late. 

Opportunities: The Path of Least Resistance 
Even if your road is tiger-free (for the moment), your road may split into several directions leaving you confused as to which route to take.  Making the wrong choice on the direction to take could be a missed opportunity that sets your program back. Setting your program back could hurt your program financially, but even worse, could impact your future workforce and competitiveness in your industry’s market. 

Manage Your Risks & Opportunities 
There are many risks and potential opportunities we can help you find as you are singularly focused on the path. This is the true added value that GLF brings to the table as your trusted partner and advisory firm.  But most importantly, we can help you tame the hidden tigers you may not have seen.  That is our mission: to be the best tiger tamers for our clients that we can be.

We look forward to walking your path with you. 

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Results that Matter.

Giving you more time to do what you do best

We realize our clients have full time jobs outside of their roles with apprenticeship programs.  We strive to help programs get organized to take tasks off your plate to allow you to do what you do best.  This is a win-win for you and the apprenticeship program.                                   

relief and clarity in managing your risks

We work with you to make sure your apprenticeship program is managing its risks to comply with the law.  This allows you to have peace of mind knowing the items that need to be taken care of for your program are being handled and you are complying with the law.                                            

identifying hidden opportunities

Our passion is seeing your program and industry thrive.  Top of mind at our firm is making sure your apprenticeship program is taking advantage of opportunities to provide you with top-quality applicants to give you a competitive advantage in your industry.   We use several unique approaches to keep you educated about the possibilities.


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