Ep #01: Stories


Welcome to Talking Training with the Trades, the podcast that will teach you how to unlock hidden potential and prevent massive risk in your training program. I’m Jennifer Germaine, owner of a law firm and coach apprenticeship programs across the nation, and I’m here to help you get breakthrough results.

In this episode, I kick things off by sharing my story and why I decided to start this podcast, as well as the importance of storytelling when looking to influence and engage people in your apprenticeship program. Listen in to learn how to find great stories, the key components of an effective story, and the science behind why storytelling works to gain influence, focus, and transformation.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • The importance of the stories we tell.

  • Why the story should come first and data after.

  • The greatest gift you can add into your apprenticeship program.

  • What makes an effective story.

  • The power of influence and the science behind it.

  • Great situations to use stories.

  • How to find great stories.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Stories create lasting impact because we remember better when we hear stories.” - Jennifer Germaine

“If you’re going to try to compel someone about your apprenticeship program, the use of a story is 63% more memorable, persuasive, and compelling.” - Jennifer Germaine

 “They’re going to remember the stories. They’re not going to remember the facts and figures.” - Jennifer Germaine

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