Ep #04: Harassment and Discrimination


The Department of Labor (DOL) recently wrote new laws around harassment and discrimination in construction trades, and today I’m breaking down the issues these laws are based on, what they are aiming to solve, and how you can take action to prevent harassment and discrimination in your programs. You will also get insight on the social movements going on out there to bring awareness to these issues.

Listen in to learn the impact of harassment and discrimination, as well as the statistics on minority and female enrollment, entry into, and completion of apprenticeship programs. You’ll hear about the process of dealing with complaints and claims, what this looks like in terms of cost, and what you can do to protect your program and prevent these incidents in the first place.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • What the new DOL laws are and who is being protected.

  • The kinds of things that are being scrutinized and changed throughout the industry.

  • Why doing nothing will hurt you and your program.

  • Social movements bringing light to discrimination and harassment issues—and what this has to do with you.

  • How the claim and complaint process works.

  • The cost (in money and time) of defending a claim.

  • How to prevent claims and issues.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“The DOL concluded that women and minorities continue to face substantial barriers to apprenticeship programs in regards to enrollment, or entry into, as well as completion.” - Jennifer Germaine

“You really need to start thinking about the risks your program has if you do nothing.” - Jennifer Germaine

 “The average cost to defend a discrimination claim is $160,000. That is just the defense cost; we are not even talking about costs paid to the individual.” - Jennifer Germaine

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