If you are a leader of an apprenticeship program (director, administrator or coordinator, whatever you call yourself!) and are passionate about what you do and do not believe “the way we have always done things” is the way it needs to remain. If you are looking to make you program more dynamic and powerful than ever before, then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop, you will learn business strategies for your apprenticeship program (this is not a workshop about the law!). We teach you how to take your program to a completely different level to achieve a massive leap in your results. 

We screen each leader that applies for the workshop to confirm this workshop is a fit and to make sure we have an incredible group of growth-minded people in a room together. We see this as your chance to join a community of other incredible leaders of apprenticeship programs. You will create relationships with these industry leaders that will last well after you leave the workshop.

We limit each workshop to a small group of leaders. We make sure you get your questions answered and provide you incredible value and action items specific to your program.



  • You struggle to recruit enough apprentices or the right apprentices for your industry.

  • You battle with retaining apprentices in your program and keeping apprentices passionate about the industry and program.

  • You worry about your budget and financials and wish you could find more money to do what you want to do in your program.

  • You worry about competitors stealing your applicants and apprentices and think it is unfair all the hoops you have to jump through to meet the DOL regulations.

  • You worry your staff, instructors and board are not treating all apprentices the same, which could open the door to liability and suits in your program.



  • To learn how to recruit a higher caliber of apprentices into your program. You no longer fret about what your competitors are doing because applicants are only looking at your program.

  • To train apprentices that are inspired and passionate about their long-term careers with your union and industry.

  • To learn how to streamline your internal efforts in your program, such as your outreach, retention, interactions with apprentices, oversight of staff, interactions with your board and contractors, to have save your program money.

  • To have your program running like a well oiled machine. Even if you are absent from the office, you know things are working like clockwork.



Apply below. We will review your application and reach out to schedule a call to discuss whether the workshop is the right fit for you to meet your goals. If it is a right fit, we will discuss the location and date for our next workshop on our call.

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